SuperTux 2 Coming Soon for Android

SuperTux 2 Coming Soon for Android

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If you’re a fan of the SuperTux game then you’ll be looking forward to the coming release of SuperTux 2!

XDA forum member onaips is preparing SuperTux 2 of the classic 2D jump’n run sidescroller game.  Similar in style to the original Super Mario games, SuperTux 2 is already in working form.

It currently runs a little slow on older Android devices, however onaips assures that on a device like the Google Nexus One, you will experience full fps and also music. SuperTux 2 is also currently missing a touchscreen joystick.

The forum member is looking for beta testers before releasing to the Market.  The game will be free for download, but there will also be a donate version.

To volunteer your services and check out the vid of the devs’ progress so far, check out the application thread.