The Surface Go 4 may be available with an Arm processor

The Surface Go 4 may be available with an Arm processor

The next iteration of Microsoft’s budget tablet – the purported Surface Go 4 – may be available with an Arm processor when it eventually launches. According to Windows Central‘s Zac Bowden, Microsoft is considering using an Arm-based processor in the next iteration of the Surface Go, though the possibility is still under consideration.

Since Microsoft introduced Windows on Arm, and later the Surface Go, bringing the two together has been a common request from fans. Platforms like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c are fairly popular among budget devices, and as we’ve seen with laptops like the Samsung Galaxy Book Go, they can deliver phenomenal value in the budget segment. However, Microsoft still has yet to take that step.


But in 2022, it looks like Microsoft is finally taking Arm devices seriously, announcing a full native developer toolchain at this year’s Build – including a native version of Visual Studio – plus Project Volterra. This is a development box powered by a yet-unknown Arm chip, and it’s all about developing and testing apps for Arm devices. It seems like this would be the perfect time for Microsoft to make the transition.

It likely wouldn’t be a full switch to Arm, however. According to Bowden, there could still be a higher-end Intel variant on offer, particularly aimed at business users who depend heavily on Intel processors. But for consumers, particularly at the base level, it seems like an Arm chip could be in the cards.

If it ends up happening, it’s very likely we’d be seeing something along the lines of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c chip, though there are other options. Microsoft could use an older Snapdragon 8cx generation, but that seems less likely. The Snapdragon 8c also seems to be off the table considering Qualcomm hasn’t introduced a new version of it since its debut, and barely any devices ever used it.

There’s no confirmation yet that we’ll see an Arm-powered Surface Go 4, but the fact that Microsoft is at least discussing the possibility could give Surface fans some hope. As to when such a device would arrive, it’s hard to say. We had to wait about two years between the first Surface Go and the Go 2, but only a little over a year for the Surface Go 3. The next refresh could happen this year or in 2023.

Source: Windows Central

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