The Surface Headphones 2+ are getting Bluetooth Teams certification

The Surface Headphones 2+ are getting Bluetooth Teams certification

Microsoft is soon going to be rolling out a firmware update for the Surface Headphones 2+, adding Teams certification when using them over Bluetooth. This should enhance the experience when partaking in Teams calls and meetings if you forget the dongle for the headphones.

For context, the Surface Headphones 2+ are a business-oriented version of the Surface Headphones 2, Microsoft’s premium wireless headphones. The primary difference between these and the regular Surface Headphones 2 is that they come Microsoft Teams certification, meaning you can get better audio quality from them and be heard clearly. However, until now, that certification was only valid when using the headphones connected to the included dongle, meaning you always have to carry both the headphones and the dongle to get ideal audio quality.


With this firmware update, you’ll be able to get Microsoft Teams certification even when using the Surface Headphones 2+ with a native Bluetooth connection. In fact, these will be the first devices ever to be Teams-certified over a standard Bluetooth connection. Microsoft didn’t share the technical details of how it’s achieving this, but this should mean you’ll hear others and be heard more clearly during Teams calls and meetings, even if you don’t have the dongle on you. Plus, call and volume controls are available without using the dongle, too.

That’s not to say the dongle is rendered completely useless, though. Microsoft says you can still use it in crowded workspaces, or if you have multiple Bluetooth devices and you want a dedicated connection for the Surface Headphones 2+. The dongle also has a light that can show when you’re connected to Teams, receiving a call, or your microphone is muted, so there are still some advantages.

The firmware update will be rolling out starting July 28th, and to install it, you’ll need the Surface app on Windows or the Microsoft Accessory Updater app on macOS. After the update, you should have firmware version to enable the new capability.

Source: Microsoft Tech Community

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