Swappa Opens Up a Gaming Section for Games, Consoles and Accessories

Swappa Opens Up a Gaming Section for Games, Consoles and Accessories

Swappa is XDA’s recommended marketplace for selling and buying used smartphones. We feel it benefits the community more than using larger platforms (such as eBay) since you can save money in the process. There’s an application in the Play Store that can detect the phone or tablet you’re wanting to sell, or to just give you an alternative way to browse the selection of devices that are available. Recently, they have launched an entirely new category for those who are into gaming consoles.

Swappa started out as a place for people to just buy a sell smartphones. This expanded into tablets as the marketplace grew and then started to expand even further. Now, there are a number of categories including mobile, laptops, Macbooks, Chromebooks, watches, wearables, and VR headsets. You can tell there’s an electronic gadget theme going on here so many wondered why video games weren’t available. After some careful consideration, there is now a gaming section for current generation consoles including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS.

For those who are familiar with the process, it works exactly as you would expect it to. For those who are unfamiliar, you may want to check their Fees page as they detail the various tiers that was recently updated last year. Fees are paid by the buyer and are already included in the current list price of what you’re seeing on the website or the application. So for example, devices that are sold which cost between $301 and $500 will have a $15 fee added to them, which is still lower than the $50 you would see on eBay and even lower than the $81 you would see from Glyde.

So Swappa now has a new gaming section that lists consoles, video games, and accessories. The listed consoles are pretty bare as of writing this, but they’re slowly filling out as more people are becoming aware of the new category. There are already a number of video games and accessories listed though, so be sure to browse through them to see if there’s a game you’ve been wanting to play through.

Source: Swappa

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