Swappa’s New App Helps You Value Your Device

Swappa’s New App Helps You Value Your Device

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There comes a sad time in everyone’s life where you must part ways with your gadgets. Perhaps they are dropped from a height, carelessly hardbricked, or simply stashed in a drawer in favor of a shinier upgrade. Alternatively they might enter the world of the second-hand market, and become someone else’s daily driver. Swappa is especially popular for this purpose here at XDA, where thousands of users trust the site enough to buy and sell their devices through it. In fact, we made it our official marketplace replacement two years ago, and still recommend it due to its lack of selling fees and good safety record.


Now to make things a little easier, Swappa have released a new app called Swappa Price, which does exactly what it sounds like it should, and little else. The app serves as a simple way of estimating a value for your phone or tablet in a couple of taps. On launch it attempts to work out what model it’s running on, and then gives you a quick estimated value based on data from Swappa’s recent transactions. Also present is a nifty graph which tracks the device’s worth over the time since its release, helping you spot any trends of its popularity along the way. This is useful for those who aren’t desperate to be rid of their gadgets, and are instead waiting for the optimum time to sell. You can also search for other devices or use brand/carrier filtering options if you’re looking to buy something. Having found the device you’re after you’re given a couple of options to either buy or sell it, both of which boot you out of the app an into your browser to continue with the listing. There’s also a useful sharing option, allowing you to send a link to the same kind of information hosted on the Swappa website to the app/person of your choice.



As far as functionality goes, that’s about as far as it goes for Swappa Price. It really is basic, but there’s something to be said of its streamlined, no-nonsense experience. It’s free of course, and it is the first version available, so hopefully it becomes a little more fully-featured down the road. This will no doubt be pretty popular with us in the forums, purely for the essential purpose it serves, and our existing reliance on the service. Developers are continually picking up cheap phones to test apps on, and for those enthusiasts that buy a lot of devices this app should remove a fair portion of Google searching. If you like what you see, head over to Google Play and check it out.

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