Swift Dark and Swift for Samsung Suspended from the Google Play Store

Swift Dark and Swift for Samsung Suspended from the Google Play Store

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Google has suspended the “Swift Dark” and “Swift for Samsung” Substratum themes from the Google Play Store. Users on Android Oreo could, without root, install Swift Dark via the Andromeda Plugin, as it is one of the few Substratum themes available which natively supports Android Oreo.

Google has seemingly removed the applications as they linked to paid applications in their descriptions, the developers speculate. What is surprising is that Swift Dark has to link to Swift for Samsung as it’s a required application to use it on Samsung devices, and all the links within the descriptions were Google Play Store links.

The developers have appealed the removal, but for now, this means that users who have installed these themes will no longer update and as a result, other app updates may break the theme. Other themes from the same developers, such as Swift Black, have not been affected yet.

As the theme was removed from the Play Store, the developers have decided to release an installable APK on XDA so that users of the theme can manually update and be on the latest version. The dispute is between Google and the developers behind Swift Themes, so having an alternate for valid users ensures that they are not caught up in the crossfire as well. This apk is available for users who paid for the app, although it also opens up the potential for non-paying users to benefit from the work. Do note that this alternate release is likely to only be temporary. Once the problem is rectified and the suspension is lifted, the thread will no longer be updated with the latest APK.

If you’re affected by the removal of Swift Dark from the Play Store, you can check out the XDA thread to install the latest version available. If you want to be up to date on further news regarding its return to the Play Store, check out the developer’s Google+ page.

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