Swift Playgrounds 4.1 beta brings App Store submissions to Macs

Swift Playgrounds 4.1 beta brings App Store submissions to Macs

Back in December 2021, Apple finally started allowing developers to build apps and submit them for publishing on iPads. The change was very notable — as the iPad truly became a PC replacement for some developers. They could build projects from scratch and upload them to App Store Connect for review afterwards — without needing a Mac. However, this addition remained exclusive to iPadOS, even though the app is also available on macOS. Considering Mac users can already upload projects to App Store Connect without needing Swift Playgrounds, that wasn’t really a big deal. Apple is still streamlining the features between both platforms in the latest beta release nonetheless. Swift Playgrounds 4.1 beta is now available to select developers on iPadOS and macOS. It introduces the aforementioned additions to Apple’s desktop computer.


As per a 9to5Mac report, Apple has released Swift Playgrounds 4.1 beta to select developers. Those interested in getting their hands on this release can submit a request to gain access. This version packs plenty of changes, mostly focused on the Mac client. These include:

Preview your app and see changes live as you type (app projects require macOS 12.4 beta 2 or higher).

Run your app in its own window and install to the Applications folder Learn to build apps with Apple-provided walkthroughs and samples.

Submit your app to App Store Connect and distribute with TestFlight.

Type with quick, inline code suggestions.

Browse a library of SwiftUI controls, symbols, and colors.

Use publicly available Swift Packages.

Search across all files in your project.

Open your new app projects in Xcode.

The iPad client — on the other hand — includes a new Keep Going with Apps tutorial to help SwiftUI learners. To request access for this version, head to the Download section of Apple’s Developer website. Through the Applications tab of the Beta menu, you will be able to express your interest to Apple. If the company approves your request, it will send you a TestFlight link for Swift Playgrounds 4.1 beta.

Do you use your iPad as a PC replacement? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Apple Developer website

Via: 9to5Mac

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