SwiftKey 7.0 for Android adds a Toolbar and new languages

SwiftKey 7.0 for Android adds a Toolbar and new languages

SwiftKey is one of the most popular third-party keyboards on Android. Along with Gboard, it consistently remains one of the best Android keyboards. In fact, its huge popularity resulted in Microsoft buying it in February 2016. The keyboard has many noteworthy features such as Flow (swipe typing), auto space, next word prediction, and more.

We last covered a SwiftKey beta update in November, when the app added location sharing, quick paste, and more languages. Now, SwiftKey 7.0 has been released in a stable form for Android users worldwide, and it brings many new features, including a Toolbar to quickly access favorite features.

The Toolbar can be accessed by tapping on the “+” button on the left of the prediction bar. It contains themes, GIFs, stickers, the clipboard, and Collections. Users can also now create their own stickers directly within SwiftKey by using their own photos. The newly created stickers can then be saved in the users’ Collections.

The 7.0 update also brings support for location sharing, which was first introduced in the November beta. There are improvements to the clipboard, along with Incognito mode, calendar integration, and more. New languages have been added as well. Here’s the changelog:

  • Introducing Toolbar, a new way to get faster and easier access to your favorite SwiftKey features. Just tap the “+” on the left of the prediction bar to give it a try.
  • Use & make your own stickers directly within SwiftKey
  • We’ve added new languages: Ayizo, Aymara, Bariba, Bavarian, Bicolano Central, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Kirundi, Latin, Lombard, Mam, Miskito, Nahuatl, Pangasinan, Tongan, Tulu, Upper Sorbian, Yucatec Maya.

Check out this video showing off the release:

With Swype being discontinued on Android and iOS, there are few keyboards on Android that can be called truly great. Google’s first-party Gboard is a prime contender, as it continues to receive regular improvements. Microsoft-owned SwiftKey, however, has its own strengths, including a well-implemented auto space feature, use of neural networks for better prediction, and more.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

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