SwiftKey Beta Adds Location Sharing, Quick Paste, and More

SwiftKey Beta Adds Location Sharing, Quick Paste, and More

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Every developer debugs updates differently. Some choose to use Google Play’s built-in beta-testing feature, while others like to separate their releases into several branches. SwiftKey takes the latter approach, and folks who’ve opted into the beta program will be glad to hear that a major update’s rolling out this week.

The SwiftKey Beta offers a way to try out bleeding-edge tweaks before they make their way into the stable build, and the newest release, version, doesn’t disappoint. It adds support for languages such as Chamorro, Ju|’hoan, Lisu, Palauan, Piedmontese, Sicilian, and Scots, and new layouts including Naratgul and VEGA. It also improves on SwiftKey’s touch accessibility feature, which can now be accessed with a long-press gesture.

The update’s other two standout features are location sharing and Quick Paste. Location sharing, which is limited to users in the United States for now, lets you send your coordinates to friends and family through SwiftKey. Quick Paste, meanwhile, puts any text you’ve copied next to the SwiftKey prediction bar for quick and easy access.

SwiftKey is one of the most popular 3rd-party keyboards available for Android in the Play Store. Its meteoric growth gained the attention of Microsoft, in fact, which acquired it for $250 million. Since then, the team’s expanded it to iOS, released free themes, and introducing a number of new features.

Source: SwiftKey Via: Android Police