SwirlWalls brings fun, interactive spiral live wallpapers to your Android device

SwirlWalls brings fun, interactive spiral live wallpapers to your Android device

Chris Lacy, the developer behind Action Launcher, is back with a new app called SwirlWalls. Described as a “next-gen wallpaper experience,” the app adds handcrafted spiral live wallpapers to your Android device.

“SwirlWalls makes the countless home screen page changes, gesture navigation swipes and lock screen interactions you do each day instantly feel more responsive,” the app’s listing says on Google Play. “And with FlickFX, SwirlWalls’ (optional) Wii Remote style flick physics system, you’ll discover a delightfully fun micro gesture that simply make using your phone more fun.”


SwirlWalls features over 140 custom, swirl-themed wallpapers with endless customization options. Every wallpaper is available in 10 or more “remixes,” so there are plenty of options available to match your style. The app also offers full Dark Theme support, and automatically switches depending on your system preferences.

Below are some of the other features highlighted by the app’s listing:

  • Unlock true wallpaper interactivity: Once you discover how much more responsive SwirlWalls’ animated wallpapers make your phone feel, you’ll wonder how you’ve gone so long without it.
  • FlickFX: A surprisingly addictive gesture based control system where you flick your device (just like a Wii Remote) to make your wallpaper spin. Try chaining left and right swipes together and bask in the micro bites of delight that ensue!
  • Dynamic render speeds: SwirlWalls matches your phone’s refresh rate, so there’s no better way to experience and show off your high refresh rate screen!
  • Configurable gestures: Switch wallpapers directly from your home screen via customizable gesture controls. You can even set a gesture to “Lock” the device screen.
  • Settings: Tweak the wallpaper dim, tint the status/navigation bars, adjust rotation speeds and more.

It’s an interesting take on the wallpaper, and one that Lacy promises will be more fun and interactive than a typical background image. SwirlWalls is available now for $4.99.

SwirlWalls Prime
Developer: ActionWalls
Price: $4.99

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