Google’s ‘Switch to Android’ app for iOS might copy iCloud data to Google Photos

Google’s ‘Switch to Android’ app for iOS might copy iCloud data to Google Photos

Data migration and backup has never been Android’s strong suit. Even though data like SMS messages, Wi-Fi passwords, and other basic data can be backed up to a Google account, transferring most app data isn’t possible without third-party tools, and migrating from iOS to Android can also be difficult. However, there’s now more evidence that Google is working on a solution for iPhone owners looking to switch to Android.

Evidence first appeared last year that Google was working on a “Switch to Android” application for iOS, which could allow data not already stored in a Google account to be moved to an Android device. It wasn’t clear at the time what data the app would be able to migrate, but now we might have a clearer picture, thanks to a new report at 9to5Google.


9to5Google found a string in the latest version of Google’s Data Transfer Tool, which currently only supports Android-to-Android data transfer. The new text indicates the app will help people copy their existing photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos:

To copy photos & videos from iCloud to Google Photos, follow the instructions in the Switch to Android app, or learn more at

That link leads to an existing support article, which explains the process of requesting a copy of your data from Apple and selecting your Google account as the destination. Presumably, the app will make this a simpler process. There’s also a string in the app that explicitly mentions a “Lightning cable,” indicating you might be able to connect an iPhone to an Android device to quickly transfer data, like Google already supports for Android-to-Android data migrations.

Google I/O 2022 will likely be held within the next few months (it’s usually in May), and it’s possible Google might announce the new functionality then.

Source: 9to5Google

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