Synaptics Announces Optical-based Fingerprint Sensor for Smartphones

Synaptics Announces Optical-based Fingerprint Sensor for Smartphones

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Synaptics Incorporated has announced what it claims is the “industry-first” Optical-based fingerprint sensor, the FS9100. The main objective of this product is to enable fingerprint sensor technology through Cover Glass as thick as 1mm.

Synaptics has been around for more than two decades in the computer and technology sphere, where they are known for developing, patenting and licensing several technologies concerned with human interfaces and interactions. Synaptic products are usually supplied to an OEM to be incorporated into a product design, which is where the consumer has the chance to make use of the product.

The Synaptics FS9100 optical fingerprint sensor family is the first family of human interface solutions that leverage high performance optical-based fingerprint sensors for use in biometric authentication systems employed in our smartphone and tablets. As Synaptics claims, the FS9100 family is capable of high resolution scanning through 1mm of full cover glass. This enables our smartphones to get rid of the special button for the fingerprint sensor and incorporate the sensor directly under the glass, thus giving us a cleaner “glass-slab” design.

The FS9100 Natural ID optical fingerprint sensor can be placed under cover glass, including 2.5D glass. This “under glass” capability eliminates button cut-outs and glass thinning processes required by the sensors we see on the front of devices these days, which should lead to glass-yield improvements. Further, the sensor is said to work well in wet finger performance, and since it is covered by cover glass like the rest of the display, it remains durable and waterproof. The thin form factor and the “minimal” power consumption are areas which make it ideal for adoption in smartphones.

This fingerprint sensor also comes with Synaptics’ SentryPoint tech, which employs several key security-based technologies that examine fingerprint images using AI to distinguish between actual fingers and fake fingers.

The Synaptics Natural IDFS9100 optical fingerprint sensor is scheduled to sample in early Q1 next year, and will enter mass production in Q2. Considering Synaptics’ and Samsung’s long-term partnership and collaboration, the fingerprint sensor seems an ideal candidate to make an appearance in the upcoming Galaxy S8. But the dates mentioned for sampling and mass production of the fingerprint sensor do not line up perfectly with the release of the Galaxy S8 unless the phone itself is delayed for mass production until Q2 of 2017.

Source: Synaptics