Bedrock syncs your Minecraft worlds between your Android devices

Bedrock syncs your Minecraft worlds between your Android devices

Minecraft may have come out over 10 years ago, but it’s still an incredibly popular game. Over the years, it’s gotten tons of (free!) updates, with new features, and even multiple versions of the game. But something that it’s arguably been missing is the ability to sync worlds across devices. Sure, you could set up a server, but what if you don’t have Internet? That’s where Bedrock comes in, at least for Android.

Bedrock is a simple app with a simple concept: It syncs your Minecraft worlds across devices. To do this, Bedrock makes use of your Google Drive account to upload your worlds to the cloud. Once you’re logged in, on any Android device, you can upload, download, and sync worlds with the touch of a button.


How to use Bedrock

Using Bedrock is pretty easy. Open the app and you’ll be asked to sign into your Google Drive account. Next, the app will request permission to read and write to where Minecraft worlds are stored. Once all the sign-in and permissions stuff are done, you’ll be greeted with a list of Minecraft worlds, from both your device and the cloud.

You can choose to upload a local world to the cloud, download a cloud world to your device, or delete a world from either location. There’s also a menu that lets you apply an action to all your Minecraft worlds at once.

Download Bedrock

Bedrock was released about two months ago by XDA Recognized Developer tytydraco, but it’s still a pretty new project. The UI may see some changes, and more features will probably be added as time goes on. Personally, I’d like to see some sort of autosync feature that can run on a schedule. It would also be nice to have an indicator for which version (cloud or local) is newer.

But the core functionality is there. If you have a bunch of Minecraft worlds that you want to play on different devices, Bedrock will make it a lot easier, at least for Android.

If you’re interested in giving Bedrock a try, you can download it from Google Play $0.99. If you have any feedback for the developer, be sure to visit the XDA forum thread linked below too.

Bedrock on the XDA Forums

Bedrock — Sync Your Worlds
Developer: tytydraco
Price: $0.99

Bedrock Promo Code Giveaway!

The app only costs $0.99, but if you’re the kind of person who likes to try something before contributing, then keep an eye out on the comments section below. We’ll be sharing 45 promo codes for the app, courtesy of developer tytydraco. You can redeem a code from the Play Store website or from within the mobile app.

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