Do you need a Sync Module 2 with the Blink Video Doorbell?

Do you need a Sync Module 2 with the Blink Video Doorbell?

Ring isn’t the only smart camera and doorbell brand under Amazon’s ever-growing umbrella. The giant also has Blink, which is a more budget-friendly alternative to Ring in most ways. The brand offers similar products, including a video doorbell, but at a lower price and without the necessity of a subscription plan to get the most from the hardware.

The Blink Video Doorbell, in particular, may look especially appealing at just $50. But hold up, wait a minute. What’s this about a Sync Module? Do you need one of those as well?

The answer is a mix of yes and no. It depends on what you want to get from your doorbell.


What does the Sync Module 2 do for the Blink Video Doorbell

Blink Sync Module 2

Your standard $50 Blink Video Doorbell doesn’t come with the sync module. That’s an additional purchase, though you can buy bundles with one included.

Its functionality is simple, yet for some, important. The Sync Module 2 connects up to 10 Blink video devices to a USB flash drive for local storage. You can’t use it to record live view, but all motion-triggered alerts will be saved locally and can be accessed at any time through the Blink app.

If you don’t have the Sync Module 2, then you’ll either have to rely on only getting notifications and having live view, or subscribe to one of the Blink plans. These start at $30 a year for one device but still don’t offer the longevity for recordings that you can get with local storage.

Do you need a Sync Module 2 with the Blink Video Doorbell?

The answer to this is no, but with a caveat. If you’re happy to just get notifications or live view, or the idea of the cloud plan appeals to you, then you’re fine without one. And you do get a 30-day free trial to the Blink subscription plan to test it out before committing.

But, local storage is certainly better value in the long term. The Sync Module 2 isn’t that expensive, especially compared to multiple years of a subscription, and it can serve up to 10 Blink cameras. To get that same level of support from the cloud you’re paying $100 a year.

So, no, you don’t need a Sync Module 2, but you’re probably going to want to get one. It makes more sense overall.

    A budget alternative to Ring with the option of local storage if you also grab the Sync Module 2.

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