T-Mo Note Edge Gets Note 4 ROM for More Mods

T-Mo Note Edge Gets Note 4 ROM for More Mods

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The Note Edge was a proof-of-concept phone that paved the way to the much more popular Galaxy S6 Edge, which critics and users alike enjoy (even if just because of the aesthetics). The Note Edge, though, did not see as much production as the regular Note 4, and it was priced significantly higher than its regular brother.


It also did not hit as many markets, and all of these factors combined meant that, compared to the regular Note 4, not many developers got their hands on this device. The Note Edge does have its fair share of tweaks, mods and ROMs, but with flagship phones like this – with so many capabilities – it is natural for XDA users to want as many options as possible. The T-Mobile Note Edge has some good offerings out there, but a new ported ROM brings a new flavor of TouchWiz that’s more open to pre-existing XDA goodies:


XDA Recognized Developer & Contributor TEKHD has released his TEKXodus ROM for the T-Mobile Note Edge. I personally run TEKHD’s Note 4 version of this ROM, and I love it. This does bring nice options and optimizations to the Note Edge, but it obviously loses the Edge functionality. However, what it does gain is that all mods from the Note 4 are fully compatible with this ROM, including TEKHD’s own flashable themes but also many tweaks from other guides. So essentially, your device becomes a Note 4 with a wider screen.

Port_2 (1)
I can vouch for the stability and speed of TEKHD’s ROMs — his latest ROM update for my T-Mobile Note 4 brought a base speed I never thought I’d see on TouchWiz. The package is good as is, but the fact that you can modify more bits by adding mods for Note 4 ROMs opens up development and options for Note Edge users. It is possible that many modifications won’t perform in the same way nor be fully compatible due to some minor differences, but you can still find some nice uses for the additional possibilities. Keep in mind that you will lose many of the things that make the Note Edge unique, so it is up to you to figure out if this ROM is worth the trade-off.


You can find TEKHD’s Note 4 port in his ROM’s thread.


Do you run ported ROMs? If so, which? Let us know below!