T-Mobile offers a free OnePlus 6T if you add a new line and trade-in a phone

T-Mobile offers a free OnePlus 6T if you add a new line and trade-in a phone

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The OnePlus 6T’s launch has been largely successful for OnePlus. The new smartphone makes incremental improvements over the OnePlus 6 by reducing the bottom bezel and trimming the notch and adding an in-display fingerprint scanner. But the OnePlus 6T’s success in America has more to do with their jumpstart in the U.S. market thanks to their first ever carrier partnership with T-Mobile.

While OnePlus has been selling phones stateside since the OnePlus One was launched all the way back in 2014, the OnePlus 6T was the first OnePlus device to launch on a major U.S. carrier. T-Mobile is the chosen partner to promote and sell the new phone. According to OnePlus, this partnership has so far been a success, resulting in an 86% jump in first-day U.S. sales compared to the OnePlus 6. Now, T-Mobile and OnePlus are back with a new promotion to entice potential OnePlus 6T buyers to pull the trigger and make the purchase.

As part of their Magenta Friday promotions and deals, T-Mobile will be offering a special deal for the OnePlus 6T. Customers that add an additional line and trade-in an eligible device can receive a OnePlus 6T for free via monthly bill credits. This promotion is set to begin on Friday, November 16th.

If you were thinking about getting a OnePlus 6T for some time and don’t mind using the carrier version, then this deal should fit you perfectly. Keep in mind the T-Mobile model is single SIM and the bootloader cannot be unlocked until you pay off the device financing, but you’ll be able to save a lot of money if you take advantage of this deal. For more information, please visit T-Mobile’s Deals hub.