T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Battery Woes

T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Battery Woes

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I’ve been using a T-Mobile Galaxy S6 since the device launched with T-mobile’s service. However, over this past holiday weekend I knew I would be in an area without reliable T-Mobile service. So, I opened up T-Mobile’s default “Device Unlock” app , pressed unlock, and placed my AT&T SIM card in the device. Everything seemed to be working fine: strong signal, great LTE, good voice calls – until day 3.

On Sunday, my Galaxy S6 felt very hot to the touch and the battery was wasting away far faster than normal. After checking out my CPU’s performance (with CPU Spy Reloaded) it was obvious something was preventing the phone from entering a deep sleep state. Being that I’m not rooted, I had to resort to Wakelock Detector to have a look at what is keeping my S6 from sleeping.


It turns out the process “com.tmobile.pr.adapt” was causing over 2 hours worth of wakelocks. This process is a part of the “T-Mobile My Account” application. Some searching led me to a an XDA forum thread regarding this exact issue with 5.1.1 and unlocked T-Mobile Galaxy S6 phones. Turning off Wifi seems to alleviate the problem a bit, but that is not really a viable long term solution. Additionally, the Galaxy S6 will not allow you to disable the T-Mobile account application. Users in the XDA thread found that disabling data usage for the offending app seems to help with the drain. The best solution may be to root and freeze the offending account management app.


Now that I’m back home, I put the T-Mobile SIM back in and everything seems to be OK once again. The phone once again spends most of its time in Deep Sleep and not feeling like it will spontaneously combust. It is certainly interesting, however, to see how poorly the device performs with sim cards from other carriers. We will continue to look into this and provide any additional info as soon as we have some.

Have you experienced similar issues when using an unlocked Galaxy S6? Let us know in the comments below.