T-Mobile increases their base pay to $20 per hour for all employees

T-Mobile increases their base pay to $20 per hour for all employees

Wages are a hot-button issue in today’s world, and it looks like T-Mobile is addressing it head-on as they have announced today that minimum pay for all employees has been increased to $20 per hour.

The pay for employees varies among positions and locations at T-Mobile. Regardless of role, however, the minimum take-home rate will be $20/hr for all of them.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert had this to say in the news post:

Today I’m announcing a small but important step we are taking to make sure that our strong rewards-based employee culture truly extends to everyone who works here. Every single employee at T-Mobile, even our newest team members just starting to build their skill base, should have a competitive wage. So, we have decided to implement a nationwide minimum pay at T-Mobile of at least $20 per hour. This will now apply to every single employee regardless of role, or full-time or part-time status. The truth is, the vast majority of our employees already earn well above this level, especially when including incentive pay. But this move is about inclusion, and we wanted to draw a line that ensures no employee is left behind.

According to sources, the $20/hr minimum includes commissions. That means if an employee works in sales and makes an average of less than $20 per hour after commissions and other sales incentives, T-Mobile will fill in the gap to reach the $20/hr mark.


In addition, our sources say that Mobile Experts, which are in-store employees, will receive a 50-cent bump to their existing base rate. This is probably the most important news to those employees, because most of them already hit that $20/hr mark with commission.

The news release states that most employees already make above $20 per hour anyway, so this will mostly affect the lowest-paid employees at T-Mobile. In addition, the $20/hr is after commission and “incentive pay”, and the news release is a bit selective with its wording to omit that fact.

Fair wages are in the spotlight quite a bit right now, with some restaurants and businesses reducing hours or even closing all together due to lack of interested workers. Companies like Starbucks are seeing workers form unions as a result of low pay, and Kellogg is replacing about 1,400 striking workers instead of paying them more. T-Mobile has decided to increase pay to a reasonably fair minimum here, and one might say they’re trying to avoid some of the issues these other companies are facing.

Sources say the increased pay began December 1st, and will apply to everyone’s next paycheck.

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