T-Mobile LG K30 brings support for 600MHz LTE at a low price

T-Mobile LG K30 brings support for 600MHz LTE at a low price

Update 5/4/18: The device is now available for purchase from T-Mobile. It retails for $225.

Before T-Mobile invested in their 4G LTE network they were known for having poor signal due to the fact that they didn’t own much low-frequency spectrum. This changed last year when the company ended up spending $8 billion to acquire 45% of the 600Mhz spectrum in an auction held by the FCC. It wasn’t until the second half of last year when they enabled their first network site that can use this spectrum, but the user still needs a device with the hardware that can support it. As T-Mobile continues to bring more network sites online, we’re starting to see more and more devices for sale that can connect to them. The latest addition will be the LG K30 which will be launching tomorrow.

LG K30Specifications
SoftwareAndroid 7.1 Nougat
CPUSnapdragon 425
GPUAdreno 308
RAM and storage2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, microSD card slot
Battery2880 mAh
Display5.3-inch, 720p
PortsMicro USB, 3.5mm headphone jack
Cameras13MP Rear

5MP Front

Connectivity600 MHz LTE, WiFi calling, HD Voice, VoLTE
ExtrasNFC, fingerprint scanner
Bands4G LTE: 2/4/5/7/12/66/71

3G/4G (HSPA/UMTS/HSPA+): 1/2/4/5

2g (GSM, GPRS, EDGE): 850/900/1800/1900

We have obtained photos of the device and internal T-Mobile documents. The support page for the device is already live right here, but it doesn’t list all of the specs yet. The page also incorrectly says it has a USB-C port. The LG K30 won’t be on the radar of folks who want the latest and greatest, but it could make for a nice little backup device while still being able to connect to T-Mobile’s 600Mhz spectrum. We have yet to learn exactly how much T-Mobile will charge for the LG K30 (Update 5/4/18: it costs $225), but those who are on the company’s Jump on Demand program will be able to get it for zero money down. If you’re looking to pay for the device outright then we have to suspect it will be fairly cheap with the low-end to mid-range specs.

Thanks to XDA Member trix4rix for the tip!

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