T-Mobile now has one million home internet subscribers

T-Mobile now has one million home internet subscribers

T-Mobile started offering home internet in 2021, powered by the company’s then-new 5G network and a special gateway modem. Following rollouts in more areas and newer gateways, T-Mobile has now passed a milestone for the service: one million active customers.

The company said in a press release on Wednesday, “very early this month, the company welcomed its 1 millionth Home Internet customer, remarkable growth just one year after launching the service commercially. In addition, thanks to T-Mobile’s unrivaled 5G network expansion, 10 million additional homes nationwide are now eligible for 5G Home Internet, bringing the total number of eligible households to more than 40 million, all covered with 5G.”


T-Mobile’s home internet service has slowly expanded since its debut, and the company later started offering an improved 5G-compatible gateway for faster internet. Metro by T-Mobile, the company’s pre-paid wireless brand, started offering home internet as an additional line to subscribers earlier this year. The service is $50 per month when paid automatically (or $55 per month without autopay), with no data caps.

Impressions of the service have been mixed. Android Central‘s review from April of last year noted that it was dependent on good coverage by T-Mobile’s network in your area, while The Verge also complained that spotty service was an issue. However, for customers covered by reliable T-Mobile LTE or 5G, the service can be an improvement from traditional internet service providers.

T-Mobile also said in its press release, “even before today’s news, T-Mobile was already the fastest growing broadband provider in America. In the most recent quarter available, the fourth quarter of 2021, T-Mobile added more broadband customers than any other provider in the country. More than Comcast, Charter, Cox, Verizon or AT&T … more than anyone, underscoring just how compelling 5G Home Internet is. The Un-carrier is putting Landline ISPs on notice, expecting to have 7 to 8 million fixed wireless customers by 2025.”

Source: BusinessWire

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