T-Mobile ONE is now Magenta, adds discount matching if you switch carriers

T-Mobile ONE is now Magenta, adds discount matching if you switch carriers

During the second half of 2016, T-Mobile announced a new wireless plan called T-Mobile ONE. Its goal was to make things easier to understand for the customer while phasing out the company’s Simple Choice plan. T-Mobile ONE was met with a lot of criticism due to net neutrality concerns but the FCC sided with T-Mobile in this instance. Today, the company has announced they are rebranding its ONE plan to be called Magenta and ONE Plus plans will now be referred to as Magenta Plus.

Those in the United States who thinks of Magenta in regards to wireless carriers will likely have T-Mobile pop into their minds. It’s been ingrained into the core of the brand for so long that it’s just what most people are used to. The company even went as far as to say that “the magenta color” is a T-Mobile trademark (and sued websites that used the color). With this announcement, T-Mobile is solidifying its brand awareness with the name (and color) while also adding a discount matching deal if you switch carriers.

This means that new customers who come to T-Mobile will get to keep any discounts they have with their current carrier (up to $15 for one line, or $30 total for 2+ lines). As mentioned, T-Mobile ONE is now called Magenta and T-Mobile ONE Plus will now be called Magenta Plus. You’ll want to keep track of these key differences when it comes to these two plans:

  • Netflix will only include the basic plan on Magenta, Netflix standard will be $4 more. The Plus plan will include standard.
  • Each line on your account will get 3GB of LTE hotspot per month. Unlimited 3G hotspot after that.

Current customers on the ONE plan will only notice a $2 increase for Netflix while ONE Plus customers will not have their plan price changed at all.

EDIT: As pointed out by PhoenixPath in the comments, there is an important note for anyone thinking about switching to a Magenta plan. You will lose all the promotions that exist on your current account. So double check that before switching.

Via: Jman100_JCMP / Source: T-Mobile

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