[Update: Google Pay Fixed] T-Mobile OnePlus 6T is getting a new update

[Update: Google Pay Fixed] T-Mobile OnePlus 6T is getting a new update

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Update 1 @09:05AM ET on 1/8/19: OnePlus 6T users in our forums are reporting issues with this update from T-Mobile. It appears to break Google Pay and Play Protect. If you haven’t already installed the update, we recommend holding off until a patch is issued.

Update 2 @7:47PM ET on 1/8/19: A spokesperson for T-Mobile sent a statement to AndroidAuthority informing them that the Google Pay and Google Play Protect issues have been resolved. Users may need to re-verify their payment information into Google Pay.

It can be incredibly difficult for a Chinese smartphone manufacturer to break into the market here in the United States. Unlike some regions, the wireless carriers in the U.S. have a tight grip on the smartphone industry and it’s where the majority of your “average customer” goes to buy a new smartphone. Huawei was slowly working on making a splash in the United States with a reported deal with AT&T, but that ended up falling through (likely due to political issues). OnePlus was able to make a deal with T-Mobile and their version of the OnePlus 6T is currently receiving a new OTA update.

We had heard rumors that OnePlus was teaming up with T-Mobile for the release of the OnePlus 6T, but there were a lot of people who didn’t think it would happen. During its launch, the announcement was made official and you can now buy the OnePlus 6T in T-Mobile stores all across America. Not only is this big news for OnePlus but it also opens the doors for other Chinese OEMs, including OPPO and Xiaomi (or their sub-brands Realme and Redmi), to get their phones on stores shelves in U.S. wireless carrier stores (especially if sales of the OnePlus 6T proves to be impressive).

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However, this also means that T-Mobile regulates OTA updates for this particular variant. The OnePlus 6T was made available in the United States on November 1st and the T-Mobile variant has only received two updates since then. The first was pushed out 19 days after launch and included Android’s monthly security updates along with various bug fixes and system improvements. It’s been two months since T-Mobile has rolled out an update to their version of the OnePlus 6T, but they are currently sending out one that “enables support for additional domestic roaming partners.”

This is a feature that OnePlus simply wasn’t familiar enough with for its initial launch but now those who rely on roaming will have a better user experience with the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T.