T-Mobile OnePlus 6T gets its first update with November security patch and new quick switch gesture

T-Mobile OnePlus 6T gets its first update with November security patch and new quick switch gesture

The OnePlus 6T has been met with a great response from consumers, especially in the USA. OnePlus’s new partnership with T-Mobile, along with certification for use on Verizon Wireless, has allowed the OnePlus 6T to open up with 86% higher sales on its launch day in the USA, as compared to the opening day sales of the OnePlus 6. The positive sales trajectory of the OnePlus 6T pushes it on track to become the best selling smartphone for the OEM to date.

If you have purchased the device from T-Mobile, you will soon be receiving the first update for your smartphone. The update with build number A6013_34_181029 brings the November 2018 security patch alongside the new quick switch gesture and more:

  • Android Security Update to Nov 2018
  • Fine tune Nightscape mode
  • In-display fingerprint algorithm update
  • Update Unlock app
  • Gesture Mode 2.0 update

The Gesture Mode 2.0 update refers to the quick switch gesture that has come to other OnePlus flagships in previous updates. When using gestures, you can now swipe up from the bottom and swipe right in one continuous gesture, to quickly swap over to your previously used app. The gesture takes some time getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, the gesture feels swift and natural.

The update should be rolling out gradually to all T-Mobile OnePlus 6T’s. If you don’t mind sideloading the update manually, you can download it from the official OTA download link.

If you were thinking about getting a OnePlus 6T for some time and don’t mind using the carrier version, then check out T-Mobile’s Magenta Friday promotion. As part of the promotion, customers that add an additional line and trade-in an eligible device can receive a OnePlus 6T for free via monthly bill credits. Keep in mind the T-Mobile model is single SIM and the bootloader cannot be unlocked until you pay off the device financing, but you’ll be able to save a lot of money if you take advantage of this deal. For more information, please visit T-Mobile’s Deals hub.

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