T-Mobile OnePlus 8T can now be rebranded without unlocking the bootloader

T-Mobile OnePlus 8T can now be rebranded without unlocking the bootloader

Those of you who purchased a OnePlus 8T on T-Mobile (sold as the “OnePlus 8T+ 5G”) and were disappointed with the carrier’s slower updates may now rejoice. You can now get rid of the T-Mobile software and install the international OxygenOS firmware on the T-Mobile OnePlus 8T without even unlocking the bootloader of the device!

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Flashing the non-carrier firmware means faster updates will be available, dual SIM support will be enabled (if you buy a new SIM tray), and you’ll have access to the latest Open Beta versions of OxygenOS. To enable all of these “features” on the T-Mobile OnePlus 8T (model number KB2007), you typically have to pay off the contract, use the device on the network for at least 40 days to be eligible for bootloader unlocking, perform the unlock operation, and finally cross-flash the global, European, Indian firmware using Fastboot. However, thanks to the hard work of XDA Senior Member craznazn, you won’t need to do that anymore.


In order to streamline the process, craznazn has come up with a modified unbrick package (commonly referred to as “MsmDownloadTool”) that ignores the hardware model number while flashing. The advantage is obvious: Users can now run the tool straightaway on a bootloader locked OnePlus 8T, since OnePlus’ unbrick tool works regardless of the bootloader unlock status.

How to install international firmware on the T-Mobile OnePlus 8T

After using the modded MsmDownloadTool on the T-Mobile OnePlus 8T, you should end up with the European firmware, which is less-bloated than the Indian OxygenOS builds. Compared to the global version of OxygenOS, the EU firmware still offers the “Local upgrade” option, which means the user can easily cross-flash a different regional firmware of their choice without using a PC. Even after conversion, 5G bands and Widevine L1 status (required for HD streaming of Netflix, Prime Video, and similar apps) work as intended.

Note: The process outlined below will wipe your phone. Backup all of your important files before proceeding. This method will not provide you with a T-Mobile SIM unlock.

  1. Download the modded MsmDownloadTool from this thread to a PC running Windows.
  2. Run MsmDownloadTool V4.0.exe.
    • Windows 7 users may need to run the included Windows 7 version of the tool.
  3. Select “Other” as User type and press Next.
  4. Without changing the default settings, press “Start.”
  5. Put the phone in EDL mode using the following ADB command:
    adb reboot edl
    • Alternatively, completely turn off the device, hold both volume up and volume down buttons, and connect it to the PC using the USB cable.
  6. Wait for the flashing process to complete.
  7. Enjoy!

One thing to note is that the conversion process can’t completely populate the “About Phone” page. This is purely a cosmetic limitation, but if the glitch bothers you, you can download a specially crafted Magisk module from the aforementioned thread and apply it to fix the missing entries.

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