T-Mobile is Rumored to Sell the Galaxy S8 Active in the Future

T-Mobile is Rumored to Sell the Galaxy S8 Active in the Future

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Samsung’s Galaxy S series has been the main flagship series of the company for years now. They understood that some need a more rugged smartphone with high-end specs though, so they partnered with AT&T for their Galaxy S Active series. Until now, the Galaxy S Active lineup has been exclusive to AT&T but a new rumor says that T-Mobile will begin selling the Galaxy S8 Active. There have also been other rumors that suggest there could be a universal model sold as well.

Every year we have the a new Galaxy S smartphone from Samsung that’s more than capable of handling the average customer’s needs. However, a few months later they typically end up announcing an Active variant of that device with a more rugged design, bigger battery and some new hardware/software features. We first heard about the Galaxy S8 Active back in April of this year as it was said to carry the codename “Cruiser”.

A few months later some hands-on images of the device were leaked and then we saw the Galaxy S8 Active officially launched by AT&T in August of this year. We assumed that would be the end of the story since this is how things have been since the inception of the Galaxy S Active series. Granted, Sprint did sell a rebranded version of the Galaxy S5 Active as the S5 Sport, but that was a different story. Now, marketing material received by Evan Blass at VentureBeat says that the Galaxy S8 Active will come to T-Mobile with the model number SM-G892T.

The T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S8 Active is said to be available in the same Meteor Gray and Titanium Gold that we see with AT&T, but they were unable to reveal any details about a release date. The assumption is that it could be months away since we have yet to see anything from the FCC or the Bluetooth SIG. The rumor also talks about how there have been other rumors suggesting another version of the device with the model number SM-G892U could be released to a wider audience in the future.

Source: VentureBeat