T-Mobile’s first unified plan offers 4 lines of unlimited data for $100

T-Mobile’s first unified plan offers 4 lines of unlimited data for $100

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Big news came to the US carrier ecosystem a few months back: Sprint and T-Mobile’s merger officially went through. The Sprint branding will be phased out gradually, and the new carrier will just be known as “T-Mobile.” This was big news as it meant that users of the “new T-Mobile” would be able to use both Sprint and T-Mobile’s existing infrastructure. The company has announced that Sprint stores will be switching over to T-Mobile branding on August 2nd. Now, the new mega-carrier is offering a unified plan for users of both Sprint and T-Mobile.

Starting on July 24th, T-Mobile will offer 4 lines of unlimited data for $25 each, totaling $100 per month. This plan also includes access to 5G connectivity, mind you, and the company will even throw in a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G—just in case you don’t already have a 5G device—if you pay a few more dollars each month. This sounds amazing on paper, but as always, there are some caveats to this. The main one being that you won’t be able to stream HD video through this plan: Videos will be capped at 480p resolution. If you want more, you’ll have to spring more money for the “Magenta Plus” plan. So while this plan is really cheap, especially because of the fact it includes 5G access, just be mindful that it may not be for everyone.

Customers of this plan may also be the first to be subject to network slowdowns during periods of heavy congestion. While all postpaid consumers may see their speeds reduced after going over 50GB in a month, T-Mobile says that consumers on these Essentials plans may see their speeds reduced at any time. So if you keep noticing speeds below what you expect, it may be time to switch to a more expensive plan.

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Source: The Verge