T-Mobile’s faster 5G now covers almost two-thirds of all Americans

T-Mobile’s faster 5G now covers almost two-thirds of all Americans

The “Uncarrier” is well ahead of the game with its 5G deployment, and now T-Mobile has shared their super fast Ultra Capacity 5G now covers 200 million Americans.

Announced via the T-Mobile Newsroom, T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G now covers 200 million people in the US. That’s nearly two-thirds of the entire country. T-Mobile says this covers approximately 80% of their customers.

Ultra Capacity 5G, which primarily consists of their mid-band 2.5 GHz, is considered the sweet spot for 5G. It combines a decent coverage range with a high bandwidth, leading to speeds T-Mobile says is comparable to home WiFi.


In addition, T-Mobile’s “Extended Range” 5G, which operates on the 600MHz band 71, covers 308 million people.

The carrier also shared a report published today by umlaut showing that T-Mobile is the 5G leader in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Orlando, and Salt Lake City. Testing showed their 5G was, on average, 4x faster than AT&T and 3x faster than Verizon. Their Ultra Capacity 5G was available 75% of the time.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert stated:

We’re delivering game changing Ultra Capacity 5G to people across the country at an unprecedented pace, putting us in a network leadership position with a two-year head start on the competition. And that gap is only getting wider as we speed up. Only T-Mobile is delivering a 5G network capable of truly transforming the smartphone experience – 5G’s first killer app – and that’s just the beginning. With Ultra Capacity 5G nationwide, we’re unleashing innovators across the country to build new 5G applications that will change the world.

T-Mobile truly is ahead of the competition with their 5G deployment. The mid-band spectrum they acquired from the Sprint merger has vastly outpaced AT&T and Verizon. Those carriers are only just now beginning to deploy their own mid-band solutions, including their C-Band spectrum. They currently rely more heavily on millimeter-wave 5G.

The “Uncarrier” states that they plan to reach 300 million people with their Ultra Capacity 5G within the next two years. That would cover 90% of Americans.

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