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GDE Home Replacement for Android

GDE or Graphical Desktop Environment is an alternative desktop for Android.  Developed by rogro82, GDE was released in October 2009 and has rapidly accumulated a large following and is now at v It features up to 7 homescreens with some funky transition effects such as the cube (see screenshot) with full 360 degree rotation, stretching...

OpenWatch v0.4.1 Released for Android

OpenWatch allows a bluetooth enabled watch to connect with your cellphone. It is now available for Android! Originally Posted by moneytoo See OpenWatch VIDEO! Requirements - Device running Android 2.0 or newer - Sony Ericsson MBW-100/150/200 - or Prada Link (limited support - currently missing message list and some notifications) Tested Devices - Motorola Droid - Nexus One - T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream (Android...
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