Take this quick quiz to find out what kind of phone user you are, enter to win a new laptop and watch!

Take this quick quiz to find out what kind of phone user you are, enter to win a new laptop and watch!

Smartphones are firmly entrenched in our daily lives. We wake up and reach for our phones immediately. A quick trip to the bathroom becomes a gaming session. The waiting room at the doctor is filled with people looking down at their phones while the magazines collect dust. Everyone uses their phones differently, though. Huawei is asking people to take a quiz, included if you scroll down this page, to find out what kind of smartphone user they are. Like the examples above, there are tons of situations where we can whip out our phones to kill some time. But what are you going to do? Play a game? Check Twitter? Listen to music? Those choices define the type of user you are, and Huawei says everyone falls into four groups.


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Someone who lives in the moment. Likes to participate in the community and spread happiness. Quick learner. Hard to find focus and concentrate on single tasks.


Not easily impressed, doesn’t get as excited as they used to. Doesn’t waste money as much as others, but has a hard time with planning.

Hard Working

Not easily distracted by irrelevant things and good at restraint. Good perseverance, but don’t like empty tasks. Needs to learn how to relax and have fun while pursuing goals.


Careful, thoughtful, and accurate. Lives life in a methodical manner with few unexpected decisions. Always prepared and able to perform multiple roles.


The quiz will grade you on your phone activity choices and then assign you to one of these groups. The quiz also provides suggestions for how to improve your life for the rest of 2020. Huawei is also giving out a New Matebook 13 2020 and a New Watch GT2 to some lucky winners, just make sure to accurately enter your email and name below. Good luck!

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