Take the Developer Economics Q4 2019 survey to win up to $16K worth of prizes!

Take the Developer Economics Q4 2019 survey to win up to $16K worth of prizes!

The new Developer Economics survey is now live for Q4 2019 and you can win big prizes by participating! This is where developers can give input on their strengths and weaknesses, test their skills, share info about the type of development projects they’re working on, favorite languages, tools, technologies, and so much more. In return, your survey enters you for a chance to win new developer gear to upgrade your workstation or courses and licenses to learn something new. The prizes are worth over $16,000 (USD) in total, some of which include the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, iPhone 11, OnePlus 6T, AWS Deep Racer, and Samsung Chromebook 3. You also get a free complimentary report to compare your skills to the global average.

Survey dates: November 22nd, 2019 – January 17th, 2020

Relevance: professionals, hobbyists, student developers

Areas / Sectors (8): Web, Mobile, Desktop, Backend, Industrial IoT, Consumer Electronics, AR/VR, Machine Learning & Data Science, Game development

Localization: English + 8 additional languages (Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Japanese, Korean)


  • Prizes: $16,000+ worth of prizes available in prize draws
  • General draw for everyone who completes survey: Samsung Note, Microsoft Pro 6, iPhone 11, OnePlus 6T, AWS Deep Racer, Samsung Chromebook 3, plus lots of dev swag, accessories, and vouchers.
  • Exclusive prize draw: additional draws for all those who completed sector-specific set of questions

  Click here to take the survey!

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