Take the Hassle out of Private Browsing with Windscribe VPN

Take the Hassle out of Private Browsing with Windscribe VPN

Hackers across the globe are becoming increasingly adept at breaking into the servers of major corporations and government agencies, but they’re not just after Fortune 500 companies and the FBI.

These hackers are just as interested in obtaining your personal credit card numbers, banking information, and browsing history. The only thing standing in their way is a VPN (Virtual Private Network), but many of us are reluctant to use them because of their confusing interfaces and tendency to log their users’ browsing movements.

Windscribe VPN is one of the few that maintains a strict zero-logging policy and arms its users with a powerful interface for safe and private browsing. The price for a lifetime subscription has just been dropped from $49 to $29 this week only.

Windscribe’s interface is streamlined and intuitive. There’s a Netflix browser extension that lets you keep up with your favorite shows even when you’re traveling abroad, and you’ll be able to avoid ads and torrent securely on all of your devices simultaneously. What’s more, Windscribe also outfits you with a top-tier firewall that kicks in if you lose connection to your VPN, shutting any potential windows of opportunity for hackers to break in.

You can sign up for a lifetime Pro subscription to Windscribe VPN for just $59, over 90% off its usual price.