Taking A Look At Resurrection Remix On The Nexus 6P

Taking A Look At Resurrection Remix On The Nexus 6P

Miles is back at XDA TV to give us a review of one of the most feature-packed ROMs out there. We are talking about Resurrection Remix on the Nexus 6P.


So the main attraction of Resurrection Remix in the configuration menu. There are a ton of settings and tweaks to play with in this ROM. If you’re looking to tweak the notification drawer, you can customize the notification center headers. There’s even an image pack that comes bundled with the ROM with dozens of headers to choose from.


You can also customize the colors of certain parts of the notification center. This can also be done with the quick settings menu. You can set the color, pull-down response, animation time and all sorts of stuff.


The navigation bar has a really interesting mode called “Fling Gesture Interface”. Instead of navigating your phone using the tradition buttons like home, recent and back, you’ll be able to use gestures to trigger these actions.


There’s a really nice feature that puts a music visualizer on your nav bar. While it didn’t seem to work well with various third party music apps, it works great on Play Music. Your nav bar is still fully functional even though the visualizer is shown as an overlay.


Of course a custom ROM isn’t complete without giving you the ability to set a bunch of custom button tweaks. Set your buttons to trigger different commands like music controls, flash toggle, advanced reboot and device wake.


These are some of the most interesting features that you’ll find in Resurrection Remix. If you want to flash this ROM on your nexus 6P, download it from the link below.

Download Resurrection Remix

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