Run, Jump, and Shoot in Tales of Ciaxia

Run, Jump, and Shoot in Tales of Ciaxia

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There are certain types of games that have become paramount of the portable gaming world. As we have said before, most games involving birds seem to do quite well, whereas others that are more like number puzzles tend to grab our attention for a little longer. However, no one can argue that one of the newer genres to hit our devices is the action/run, jump, shoot style of games that have been on our devices since the introduction of Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Normally, games like these are rich in 3D graphics and have very fluid animations (and thus require a considerable amount of system resources) and because of this, may require a vast amount of coding. This is why we tend to see games like these coming out of somewhat larger companies such as Glu Mobile and Gameloft. It is, however, always refreshing when coming across games like these but that are made with passion in mind and on top of all, by a single individual such as the indie game developer, XDA Forum Member Pallaxa.

Tales of Ciaxia is a run, jump, and shoot type of game, in which you play the role of Princess Ciaxia. You have been taken prisoner by dark creatures and by using your magic powers and the aide of your pet, you try to break free from your imprisonment. Much like it is the case with most of these games, your objective is to go as far as you can by shooting down enemies with your magic arrows, jumping and avoiding obstacles, and trying to run as far as your skill will allow you to get. Along the road, you will find coins that will increase your score, as well as certain power ups that will give you better chances to get even further. On top of that, you are running along with a little pet that will help you to get those hard to get power ups that are just too close to a wall for your own comfort.

The game is packed with things and features that can be unlocked as you complete certain challenges. Please be sure to drop by the thread and help the dev with valuable feedback to get the game going. The dev is currently working on all new updates while squashing bugs. Remember that this is a one man show, so any help you provide is greatly appreciated. Have fun!

The addictive game Tales of Ciaxia is now out for Android!
Can you beat the highscore and unlock all achievements?
Join Ciaxia through a fairy tale world and help her to escape the dark dungeon.

You can find more information in the Tales of Ciaxia’s game thread.