Talia is the AI Powered Virtual Assistant from CooTek that Delivers Relevant Content to your Phone

Talia is the AI Powered Virtual Assistant from CooTek that Delivers Relevant Content to your Phone

Talia is an AI assistant developed by CooTek that is designed to give you relevant information based on your current activities. Talia will understand your conversations and display helpful information at the appropriate time. The AI assistant works on the same page you’re currently on, so you never have to switch to different apps to get the information you need.

The AI assistant is backed directly into TouchPal Keyboard. This design makes a lot of sense, as the assistant will be quickly available to you every time you use your keyboard. The abilities of the AI assistant are very extensive, and focus on providing only the information you’ll need, related to your current task, and at the appropriate time.

CooTek has created a keyboard for Android that features plenty of customization options, while using AI technology to create a much faster and less intrusive experience. TouchPal Keyboard Pro is not your typical Android keyboard. This input method features both an AI Engine and AI assistant that powers many of its features. AI works to help predict accurate word predictions, intelligent replies, and display relevant information.

TouchPal Keyboard’s AI engine is much smarter than the average text prediction that you’ll find in any keyboard. Instead of just recommending the next word based on the previous one, the AI engine will interpret the typed sentence and predict your next word based on a number of different things. It works just as fast as any other text prediction but is much more useful and accurate.

A great example of just how smart the virtual assistant Talia can be, is how it handles tasks like currency conversion. When you’re having a text conversation with someone, and you’re discussing money, Talia can provide the currency conversion based on live exchange rates. So if you type something along the lines of “56 euro =”, Talia will suggest “63.85 USD”.

Another situation where Talia shines, is providing dining recommendations when you’re thinking of a place to meet or eat. So if you’re having a conversation with a friend, and they ask if you’d like to meet at a local coffee shop, Talia can provide suggestions for coffee shops nearby that you can select to choose to meet up. This is all done on the same screen as your chat with your friend. You don’t have to switch in between apps, or continue your search in Google maps. Everything happens in the keyboard.

TouchPal’s newest feature is the AR animations called AvatarMoji which allows you to scan your face and create AvatarMoji Live and AvatarMoji Cartoon. AvatarMoji Live creates personalized 3D animated avatars that can be customized to fit your style. Avatarmoji Cartoon will create cartoon-style emojis based on your facial movement and sound. When you’re chatting with a friend, TouchPal can predict which emoji you’ll want to send, based on what you’re typing. Then you can quickly select the emoji to send.

CooTek has created a great keyboard with TouchPal Keyboard Pro. You can download it for free from the Play store using the link below.

Download TouchPal for the Play store
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