TapDeck Beta: Smart Wallpaper Discovery

TapDeck Beta: Smart Wallpaper Discovery

TapDeck which has just entered beta, is a smart wallpaper app that allows you to change to a random wallpaper by simply double tapping your screen. After selecting images you like from a selection, your wallpapers will be chosen based on similar images from Flickr, Imgur, Reddit and Wikipedia. If you see one you like, simply swipe up and you will see information relevant to the image.

After spending a day with this app it is clear that it is still a beta. During the set up the app crashed which in turn caused my system UI to crash booting me to the lock screen, however a second attempt worked fine. In the first hour of use and a few hundred images later, I had seen dozens that were far from suited to my device’s screen size/resolution. This resulted in my wallpaper just being the blurred background of a larger photo or parts of the subject of the photo being cut off (See the owl below), however as a double tap takes you to a new image this is not an issue as the majority fit perfectly.

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As mentioned before I was near constantly changing wallpapers for the better part of an hour and in that time none of the images repeated or were too similar to another I had seen. The transition between images is seamless and happens instantly, the only time the app took a few seconds to replace the image was after a long series of rapid successive changes where I got a notification telling me the app was refreshing. For regular use however, you should never notice this.

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The additional information page is displayed very well, with a blurb and link to a relevant Wikipedia article, the location of the image in google maps and relevant copyright information. An issue I observed is that on occasion the information showed appears to have no relevance to the subject of the photo, for example on an image that would appear to be of Chinese new year celebrations the app informed me that the image was actually of a railway station. This issue however should be fixed fairly quickly and like the other bugs I observed, has no real impact on the aesthetics, which is what we want first and foremost from a wallpaper app.

TapDeck is currently in an open beta and therefore to use it you will have to apply through their website and wait to receive an invite (mine took less than five minutes), alternatively XDA members can request an invite through the thread here. If you find yourself changing wallpapers frequently or just want a change, give it a try, you won’t regret it.


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