TapDeck Officially Launches After Very Successful Beta

TapDeck Officially Launches After Very Successful Beta

When we last featured TapDeck, the app had just entered beta. Four months later and they have helped you change your wallpapers 4 million times in 162 countries! Today they have officially launched an awesome new update introducing some new features including extra sources, material design and the ability to drop your new wallpapers straight to your friends’ screens.



The update has brought some cool new options for social interactions:

  • You can now connect with your networks (Google+, Facebook, Twitter) and build a following,
  • Found a picture you like? Drop interesting pictures to a follower and they will find it immediately on their home screen,
  • Retap interesting pictures to push them into the feed of all your followers. With sharing, you can now send any content to your preferred channel

They have also added Material Design and new content sources including movies and coming soon is Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Recipes and more.

The developers behind TapDeck have also released a mission statement explaining what they hope to achieve with their app, they had the following to say: “TapDeck’s mission is to break up existing barriers and connect you with new content in a more easy, seamless way. By turning the home screen into a visual, constantly available discovery stream new content is always on your fingertips. Double Tap to change your wallpaper whenever you want, as often as you want or swipe up to access information connected to your current wallpaper.”

They aim to provide content in a more passive way and if you have not already, take a few minutes to check the app out for some great new wallpaper discovery options.

Did you take part in the beta? Leave a comment below!

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