Tasker 5.15 brings an Android 13 dynamic app icon, custom toasts, clipboard additions, and more

Tasker 5.15 brings an Android 13 dynamic app icon, custom toasts, clipboard additions, and more

Tasker is one of the most powerful power-user tools on Android, allowing you to create everything from simple on-device automated tasks to more intricate systems. There’s almost no limit to what you can do with the app (especially when it’s granted root access), and now an update is rolling out on the Google Play Store with even more additions. In Tasker 5.15, you get an Android 13 dynamic app icon, custom toasts with images, clipboard image support, and more.

One of the biggest parts of this update for Tasker is the introduction of custom toasts. You can make toasts look however you want them to by adding photos and even coloring them. They can also be interacted with via a tap to launch another action, including opening an app or only making them dismissable with a tap. There are also other changes too, including the addition of being able to read and set images from the clipboard and show an image in a text dialog.


tasker 5.15 toast

Another feature power users will be happy about is the introduction of proper errors when a task fails to execute. It says on what action you got the error, in which task it occurred, which profile triggered, at what time it happened, and what the error specifically was. As for the other Android 13 features that were teased by the developer, it’s confirmed that those will be arriving in a future updater to Tasker.

Below is the full changelog for Tasker 5.15. You can download Tasker from the Google Play Store.

Tasker 5.15 main additions

  • Added dynamic app icon for Android 13. Demo.
  • Added TitleIconIcon SizeBackground ColorTaskTimeoutContinue Task Immediately (Demo), Text ColorHide On ClickShow Over Everything (Demo 2),Use HTML and Position (Demo 3) options to Flash action.
  • Added Image field to Set Clipboard action allowing you to set put an image on the clipboard. Also added Get Clipboard action and Clipboard Changed event that triggers every time the clipboard changes. These allow you to get text, uri, html text, image uri, mimetypes and extras clipboard values. Demo.
  • Added option to show an image in the Text Dialog action and so renamed it to Text/Image Dialog. Also added option to show some text in the List Dialog action. Demo.
  • Added Action Error Notifications: when an action ends in error and Continue On Error is not enabled you’ll get a notification alerting you of the error. Demo.
  • Added a helper to the Output Format field in the Parse/Format DateTime action. Demo.
  • Added Variable Map action. Demo.
  • Added Clone option when long clicking an action which will clone and edit the new action right away. Demo.
  • Added %array(*) array function that gets a random item from the array. Demo.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49

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