Tasker 5.7 stable rolls out with WaveNet voice commands, nav bar customization, Bixby button remapping, and more

Tasker 5.7 stable rolls out with WaveNet voice commands, nav bar customization, Bixby button remapping, and more

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Tasker is one of the most loved applications in the Android enthusiast community. It lets users automate practically everything, taking factors like location, device state, and many other variables into consideration. Last year, the development of the application was transferred to João Dias, who’s been hard at work adding new features, redesigning the app and making it more user-friendly than ever. Yesterday he released Tasker 5.7, which adds a lot of welcoming changes.

The first and probably the most important update is the new voices from WaveNet. If you’ve never heard of it, WaveNet is a deep neural network-based text-to-speech platform which sounds as natural as it gets. It supports a lot of languages and accents. The WaveNet integration was first added in the second beta of Tasker 5.7, and now it’s finally available in the stable version.

Another big feature of this update is the customization of the navigation bar. Traditionally, rearranging or adding the buttons to the navigation bar required either root, Xposed module or a custom ROM. Tasker 5.7 now lets you totally customize it without any of that. You can even add new custom buttons and assign multi-tap commands. Check the video below to see it in action.

Customizing the hardware button behavior is also one of the highlights of the update. Tasker now takes advantage of an API which lets you remap power, volume, and even Bixby buttons to make them do whatever you want. This feature works whether the screen is on or off. To set it up, you will need to run an adb command. You’ll see the instructions inside the application. The API was introduced in Android Oreo, so you will need a phone that runs Android 8.0 or newer to take advantage of it. See the example below.

Tasker can now also read and write from NFC tags. It will allow you to set up the tags in various places so that after tapping your phone on it, it will perform whatever action you want. Tasker 5.7 allows you to assign actions to keyboard button combos, too. For example, you can set it to show the time when you tap CTRL, CTRL Tab, Tab, etc. See the video below for the full changelog.


You can download Tasker 5.7 from the Play Store already. The app costs $2.99, but it is well worth it. You can check out the Tasker subreddit for interesting projects and updates about the development of the app.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49

Source: /r/Tasker