Tasker 5.8.4 adds support for automating Android 10’s dark mode toggle

Tasker 5.8.4 adds support for automating Android 10’s dark mode toggle

Tasker is still my go-to Android application for automation, though I’ve heard many good things about its competitors. One feature that I’ve been hoping to see is support for Android 10’s new system-wide dark mode toggle. The stable Android 10 update has already rolled out for Pixel and Essential smartphones earlier this month, beta updates have been made available for some OnePlus and Xiaomi phones, and custom ROMs are well underway for multiple devices on our forums. We’ve previously shown you how to set a schedule for the dark mode toggle, but if you want full control over when, where, or what triggers a change in the theme, then you’ll love Tasker’s latest update.

Announced today over on Reddit, version 5.8.4 of the app has added a new “Dark Mode” action that toggles Android 10’s built-in dark mode. With this, you can not only set a schedule for the dark theme, but you can also do things like automatically enable the dark theme when the brightness level is set to minimum, enable the dark theme only when you’re at home, and much, much more. Tasker offers a staggering number of integrations with the sensors on your phone and web apps, so the choice is yours when it comes to when you want to see the dark theme.

The video below by the developer João Dias shows off the new features in the latest version of the app. The video shows off some of the possible things you can do with this new feature, such as linking dark mode to Night Light, toggling it automatically based on the Sunset/Sunrise schedule, toggling it based on the connected Wi-Fi network, toggling it when triggering the assistant command with Tasker set as the default Assistant, or toggling it via a double press of the power button. The Project shown in the demo can be imported from here if you already have the app installed.

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The feature is currently available in the beta channel, but it’ll soon be made available in the stable channel as well. You can sign up for the beta here or grab the APK from here if you don’t want to wait. In addition to the new “Dark Mode” action, Tasker itself now respects the system’s dark mode setting when you set the app’s theme to “Auto.” This is a small quality-of-life change, but it’s good to see more apps get on board with Android’s new dark mode feature.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49

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