Tasker 5.9.3 beta adds full Do Not Disturb customization and Sensor actions

Tasker 5.9.3 beta adds full Do Not Disturb customization and Sensor actions

Tasker has become an incredibly useful Android app for those that like to automate their devices, and it’s gotten even better over the years. You can consider it the “Swiss Army knife” of automation apps. In case you’re not familiar with it (which we’re guessing you are since we cover it a lot), it allows you to create Profiles that trigger based on certain conditions to execute Tasks. Profile triggers can be anything from changes to device settings to pending notifications to web alerts, and the same level of flexibility is true for the kinds of Actions you can add to Tasks. The app does have a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it can completely change the way you use your smartphone. Now, Tasker beta 5.9.3 is adding new features that significantly extend its functionality.


New Sensor States and Events

The new Tasker beta includes options to let Tasker access your phone’s sensors. In a nutshell, all sensors on your phone are now available for you to act off of using Tasker. The automation app can check the values from these sensors and, from there, launch whatever Tasks you set up. Tasker could already listen for sensors like the light sensor, magnetic field sensor, gyroscope, pressure sensor, proximity sensor, and a few others, but now the app supports any sensor on your device. The list of available sensors depends on your phone; for example, on the Pixel 2, you can read sensor data from the Active Edge sensor, gravity sensor, or double twist sensor. To reduce power use, you can select one of four Interval Types to determine how often Tasker reads the sensor values.

Lastly, Tasker has also added two new actions: Test Sensor and Sensor Info. The former outputs the current value from the desired sensor, while the latter outputs the details of the sensor such as the delay, range, mode, etc.

Do Not Disturb Customization

Additionally, the new Tasker beta allows you to customize your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode using Tasker. This means you can now dynamically change the same Do Not Disturb settings that can be manually changed from your phone’s Settings page.

Full Changelog

One other notable feature that has been added is the ability to display a text dialog with text as well as 3 possible buttons, which, again, you can customize to your liking. The developer sees this as a better alternative to the Popup action.

The full list of changes as published by the developer on Reddit goes as follows:

  • Added Any Sensor event and state and Test Sensor action and Sensor Info action
  • Added way to fully customize Do Not Disturb mode when turning it on with Tasker
  • Added Text Dialog action
  • When you use the alert() function in Javascript it will now use this new dialog
  • Added Continue Task On Error option to Get Voice action
  • Added Get Sims function to Tasker Function action
  • Changed how ADB Wifi is checked before running an action that needs it
  • Show Your First Project video tutorial if you have a lot of profiles/tasks and only 1 project
  • Added Your First Project video to Tasker menu
  • Updated What’s new video so that it shows the ADB Wifi video
  • Fixed bug that said that wrong type argument when editing the Calendar Insert action
  • Fixed bug where sometimes if you changed your phone’s orientation at the wrong time it could cause app checking to stop working
  • Fixed some crashes

You can sign up for the beta here and then download the latest update from the Google Play Store link below. You can also download the most recent APK from right here.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49

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