Tasker 6.0.1 beta brings Tasky improvements and a new Get Pixel Colors action

Tasker 6.0.1 beta brings Tasky improvements and a new Get Pixel Colors action

After rolling out a new beginner-friendly UI called Tasky on the beta channel last week, Tasker developer João Dias has now released another update on the beta channel. The new update brings some additional improvements for Tasky, along with a few new features for advanced users.

According to the changelog shared on the Tasker subreddit, Tasker v6.0.1-beta brings a couple of improvements for Tasky that make finding local routines easier and provide clearer information about the permissions required for cloud routines. In addition, the update also brings the ability to help users browse through all TaskerNet shares and an icon to show when a local routine is active. Check out the demo video embedded below for a quick preview of these changes.


Along with the Tasky improvements, Tasker v6.0.1-beta introduces a new Get Pixel Color action, which lets you easily get the pixel color of any image. The release notes highlight that you can combine this action with the Screenshot action to get the color of any pixel on the screen as well, which can further let you automate based on what colors are on the screen.

The release notes also shed light on two other features — Running Tasks and Active Profiles — which rolled out with the previous beta release but were not mentioned in the changelog. Both these features make it easy for users to know exactly what tasks are running at any given time.

Lastly, the beta release also includes a few bug fixes and other smaller changes. The complete changelog for Tasker v6.0.1-beta is reproduced below:

  • Made Tasky bottom navigation based after you enable your first routine. You now get a separate tab for local and online routines
  • Searching TaskerNet with tags and date now works correctly and fetches all results instead of just the first 12 in some cases
  • When you enable a routine in Tasky it tells you which permissions are needed before really enabling it
  • Added icon indicating that a routine is active. Will probably change icon to something else later but wanted something to show that
  • Made card flip animation faster or disabled if the animation setting in Tasker is disabled
  • Fixed many small Tasky related issues/bugs
  • Fixed getting all day, recurring calendar events with the Test App action
  • Don’t show action problems (like app doesn’t exist, etc) if action is disabled
  • Added option to get music playing position in millis to Test Media action
  • Show message that Toggle Split Screen action is not supported on Android 12L and Android 13
  • Fixed some Auto and Material You theme issues
Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49

Source: Reddit

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