New Tasker beta introduces native JSON and HTML reading

New Tasker beta introduces native JSON and HTML reading

Tasker developer João Dias has announced a new beta that features a laundry list of changes. Among the changes are a Tick Event feature, Favorite Actions, and native JSON and HTML reading.

According to Dias, the new Tasker beta 5.12.0 makes JSON Reading as easy as reading a normal Tasker variable. You’ll be able to access fields using 2 modes: simple or full path. The former will allow you to directly access fields within objects no matter where the field with the name you’re looking for appears. On the other hand, the full path mode will let you get a specific value in any depth of a JSON object. Currently, JSON reading is restricted to local variables, though.


Dias said that the new Tasker beta will allow users to access any elements in a piece of HTML code by specifying its CSS query. In addition, you can also access any attribute of an HTML element. Similar to JSON Reading, HTML reading is also restricted to local variables for now.

Dias also said the new Tasker beta includes a Tick Event feature. This will be helpful if you need to trigger a Task more than once every 2 minutes. Now, you can trigger a Task once however many milliseconds you set every 100 milliseconds.

The new Tasker beta also includes a feature called Favorite Actions. You’ll find this helpful if you find yourself adding certain Actions to Tasks over and over again.

Dias’ post on Reddit is worth checking out for a more thorough explanation of the new features. The developer has been busy adding new features to Tasker over the last few months, including a feature that allows users to reject a call before their phone even starts ringing.

Here’s the full changelog for Tasker beta 5.12.0 below:

  • Added native JSON and HTML reading with the dot or square brackets notation
  • Added new “Tick” event which will automatically trigger a profile in a set interval. Intervals can be between 100 milliseconds and 2 minutes
  • Added “Favorite Commands” option when long-clicking the “Add” button when editing a Task
  • Added option to “Get Location v2” to force high accuracy, meaning it’ll ONLY use GPS satellites to get your location and nothing else
  • Added %gl_satellites variable to “Get Location v2” which will have the number of satellites that were used to get your high accuracy location
  • Added “Calendar” and “Calendar Entry” options in the “Pick Input Dialog” action
  • Made the “Off” text that appears when Tasker is disabled more evident
  • Made the sound quality of recordings done with the “Record Audio” action much better when the MP4 format is selected
  • Made “Ping” action always time out after 10 seconds if no response is gotten
  • Removed the “Codec” option from the “Record Audio” action. It is now automatically selected based on the “Format”
  • Allow using spaces and new lines as the splitter in the “Array Set” action
  • Allow multi-line input in the “Array Push” action in the “Value” field
  • Don’t show alerts for errors in the “Record Audio” action if “Continue Task After Error” is selected
  • Fixed “Received Text” event when the SIM is selected and both the SIMs on the phone have the same name
  • Fixed referencing apps by name in some situations in actions where apps can be selected (“Launch App”, “Media Control”, etc)
  • Fixed using Profile/Project variables in some situations
  • Fixed copying files to SD Card in some situations
  • Fixed backup dialog not pre-filling in the folder and file name of the backup in some situations
  • Fixed easy service commands for the “Shell Command” action
  • Removed the “Enabled” option from the “Device Idle” state since it wasn’t doing anything
  • Added info dialog saying that “Tick” event can be used when trying to use the “Repeat” option in a time profile
  • Fixed some small crashes
Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49

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