Tasker beta adds navigation bar customization, new keyboard actions, and NFC tag events

Tasker beta adds navigation bar customization, new keyboard actions, and NFC tag events

It’s no mystery around here that Tasker is one of our favorite apps. Even though the app has changed hands, development continues for one of Android’s quintessential tools. Tasker version 5.5 and version 5.6 rolled out in October. Now, João Dias is getting ready for the next version with some impressive features in the latest beta releases.

First up is Tasker beta 5.6.3b with a slew of exciting new features. You can now customize the navigation bar with custom actions and icons. This feature works without root in the same method we’ve covered in the past. You can see it in action in the video below.


Next up is the Keyboard Actions and Keyboard Variables. Many new actions have been added to the Keyboard Action and you can get output variables from the action. The Keyboard Action allows you to interact with apps without root or an accessibility service. Here is another demo of the feature in action.

Rounding out the 5.6.3b beta, debug files are now sent as Google Drive links instead of attachments and there are plenty of bug fixes. The full changelog can be found here.

A couple of days later, version 5.6.4b beta rolled out. This release doesn’t have as many new features. You can now use Tasker to react to NFC tags and write data to them. NFC tags can trigger any task and the action allows you to read and write data to and from the tag. The beta also includes a few other small changes. You can see the NFC action in practice below.

Developer: joaomgcd
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Developer: joaomgcd
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