Tasker Beta adds the popular Paranoid Android per-app density feature

Tasker Beta adds the popular Paranoid Android per-app density feature

Display density is measured in dots per inch (DPI). It determines the size of UI elements on a display of a given device. A higher display density means that users can see more interface elements at once. On the other hand, a lower display density means that fewer UI elements will be visible on the display, and the elements will be bigger. Tasker Beta has now added a Display Size option to change the display size dynamically.

To recap, Android 7.0 Nougat introduced a display size adjustment tool which enabled users to change display density (for example, from “Large” to “Small”) without having to use ADB. The display size adjustment tool in Android acts globally, however. If users set a higher display density, then they will see more user interface elements (such as more lines of text on the display) in every single app as well as the system UI. They cannot dynamically adjust the display density on a per-app basis.


In the past, Paranoid Android (PA) had a popular feature that allowed users to set the DPI on a per-app basis. They could set a high DPI for the system, but have a low DPI for an app such as the Google Play Store or Google Chrome, for example. The feature has not been present in newer Paranoid Android builds. Joao Apps has now added the feature to Tasker Beta 5.3b.

The way the feature works is simple: users can select Action Category > Display Action > Display Size and then edit the display density from Smallest to Largest. 

Other new actions in the latest Tasker beta include a toggle for switching NFC on/off, hide status bar icons, and force display rotation.

The full changelog of Tasker 5.3b is noted below:


New Actions:

  • Display Size action: change the size of your display dynamically.
  • NFC Action: Toggle NFC on or off
  • Status Bar Icons: Hide icons on your status bar.
  • Force Rotation: Force the rotation of your display.

Other additions, changes or bugfixes:

  • When importing data from a URL, added option to show description of what you’re importing, before importing it.
  • Added android.permission.DUMP permission to manifest
  • When Tasker crashes a notification will be generated so user can directly report the crash to the developer
  • If device is rooted End Call will be performed with root so it always works
  • Write file action creates missing directories if needed
  • Fixed crash when wifi tether action fails because of Carrier blocks
  • Fixed some dialogs accepting the positive action when the Android back button was pressed

Source: Joao Apps

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