Tasker can help you change the size of Android 12’s AOD clock

Tasker can help you change the size of Android 12’s AOD clock

Tasker is one of the best power tools available for Android, allowing people to create powerful automations and shortcuts that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. One common use case for Tasker is changing the behavior of phones and tablets, and for people who aren’t a fan of the new clock on Android 12’s Always-On Display, there’s now a Tasker project that can help you customize it.

Android 12 (at least on Pixel devices) has a new Always-On Display, which normally displays a large digital clock. Once you receive a few notifications, it switches to a smaller clock, with more room to display your alerts. However, if you only prefer one of these designs, Tasker developer João Dias has created simple projects that let you pick one or the other.


As seen in the above video, the projects allow you to force one of the two clock designs at all times. It has only been tested on Google’s Android 12 update for its Pixel phones, so it might not work on other devices that receive their Android 12 updates. Most manufacturers have their own Always-On Display implementations anyway, so it’s not clear yet if other companies will use Google’s AOD design in their Android 12 upgrades.

If you have Tasker, you can download the project to never show the large clock, or the project to always show the large clock. Once the projects are imported, you just have to flip the switches seen in the video to pick your clock of choice.

Even though this functionality isn’t included in Tasker (at least, not yet), the core application has received plenty of updates over the past few months. The app implemented Material You dynamic theming in a beta update back in July, and interactive overlay support arrived in last month’s Tasker 5.14.6 update, allowing anyone to create simple interfaces that can be displayed almost anywhere in the system.

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