Tasker Day #1: One-Handed Mode, Security Features, Add Contacts Swiftly, and More!

Tasker Day #1: One-Handed Mode, Security Features, Add Contacts Swiftly, and More!

The first day of Tasker Week is coming to a close, and we’ve featured a bunch of neat tasks to make your smartphone life much easier. The beauty of Tasker is that it has endless possibilities, with the ability to create a Task for just about anything.

There are many cool features and plenty of functionality we wish our phones had, and depending on your ROM, you might not get them all. Custom ROMs and Xposed add a lot to play with, but Tasker also lets you do surprising amounts of automation, customization and feature-creation without any flashing or system hooks.

Here are today’s featured Tasker scripts, all adding useful and convenient functionality to any Android phone!

  • Hold/Swipe-up Home Button to Enable One-Handed Mode: Like the name suggests, you can add one-handed mode to your Android device with this wacky and hacky script. This task will allow you to shift your screen and be able to easily reach the top of your might tablet!
  • Prompt to add Previous Caller as Contact: Hate having to manually add contacts after receiving a call? Entering that call log is an unnecessary step with this quality-of-life tweak. This task harnesses the power of intents to bring you a prompt to add the contact, no hassle.
  • Take a Picture and Grab Location on Failed Unlock: This quick and easy task will help the privacy-conscious among you. Do you fear someone might try to unlock your phone? This task will take a picture of the person after a failed attempt. What if you aren’t sure where the unlock attempt took place? No problem, this will also grab the location so that you can pin-point the intruder.
  • Send an SMS with Address, Speed, and URL for a Map Pin: Say you lost your phone or want to share your location with a relative. While driving, you can’t do that easily, but with this task you’ll be able to automatically send an SMS with your current address, and speed, as well as a URL to pin the location on Google Maps. Very helpful!
  • Enable ‘Smart Lock’ on Bluetooth LE devices: With smart lock, you can stay unlocked as long as you are connected to your trusted bluetooth device, except not all bluetooth devices are created equal. Fear no more, though, as this task allows you to use smart lock  even with Bluetooth Low Energy devices!

Those are our 5 featured tasks for the day. While they are on the easier side, know that as the week progresses, we’ll be featuring more complex and more interesting scripts and tasks, with and without root. If you love Android’s openness, customization, and potential, and if you also like getting your hands dirty, Tasker week is the perfect time of the year to geek out!

Feel free to check out and comment in any of the threads we listed; suggestions and discussion is welcome! If you need Tasker, you can find it on the Play Store. Also, if you know of any nice Task we should feature, drop a comment or send us a PM. Finally, be sure to check out the Tasker Tips & Tricks member-led forum for more awesome Tasker content, by the community for the community!

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