Tasker Day #5: Community Best-Of!

Tasker Day #5: Community Best-Of!

The final day of Tasker Week is coming to a close, and we’re featuring a plethora of neat creations made by the Tasker community. The beauty of Tasker is that it has endless possibilities, with the ability to create a Task for just about anything.

There are many cool features and plenty of functionality we wish our phones had, and depending on your ROM, you might not get them all. Custom ROMs and Xposed add a lot to play with, but Tasker also lets you do surprising amounts of automation, customization and feature-creation without any flashing or system hooks.

Here are today’s Tasker scripts from the community. Note: you can download these from the attachments of the corresponding Tasker Tips & Tricks Thread.

Those are our featured tasks for the day. With Tasker week coming to a close, we hope you’ve gotten some use out of the creations we’ve showcased this week. Maybe you’ve learned enough to go out and make your own.


Feel free to check out and comment about these scripts on our forum; suggestions and discussion is welcome! If you need Tasker, you can find it on the Play Store. Finally, be sure to check out the Tasker Tips & Tricks member-led forum for more awesome Tasker content, by the community for the community!

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