Tasker developer teases new Android 13 features, including custom Quick Settings tiles

Tasker developer teases new Android 13 features, including custom Quick Settings tiles

Android 13 Developer Preview 1 came out a few days ago, but apps are already being updated to introduce some of the brand new features that were introduced. One such app is Tasker, an automation app aimed at power users. The developer has released a video showing off how Tasker now incorporates Material You icon theming, the photo picker API for choosing photos on-device in a more secure way, and the tiles API for adding custom tiles to the quick settings.

This build isn’t available on the Google Play Store yet as it’s not possible to submit Android 13-based apps just yet. Still, the developer shows how the app will work. Tasker’s dynamic icon will match other icons on the system that also support Material You theming, where the icon will change color and integrate with the rest of the system.Android 13 tasker custom icon


Also introduced was a “Pick Photos” action, which leverages the new Photo Picker API. Currently, if you want to access photos through an app directly, your entire photo library needs to be shared with that app. From there, the app lists all your photos, and you select one and choose it to send. However, with the Photo Picker API, photos are listed by the Android system, and only the photo you choose is shared with the app. This reduces the overall access that Tasker has to your photo library.

Finally, the third feature introduced was support for the quick settings placement API. Android 13’s new tile placement API allows an app to prompt the user with a button to add a custom quick tile to the quick settings. A user can now create and add a custom tile from within Tasker that can trigger an action that the user has defined.

Android 13 tasker custom icon

If you want to check out Tasker, you can take a look at it on the Google Play Store below. These are exclusive features for Android 13 only and will require the user to be running the Android 13 Developer Preview.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49

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