Latest Tasker and Join betas bring back clipboard monitoring on Android 10

Back in January this year, we learned that Android 10/Q might be considering blocking clipboard access to apps running in the background. When we first got our hands on the Android 10 beta in March, the same was confirmed to be true. This spelled the end for clipboard managers which require access to clipboard data to function normally. While this change was certainly a big win for security, it hurt many third-party developers. Now, it seems like the developer behind Tasker and Join has managed to find a workaround to bring back clipboard monitoring on Android 10.

In separate posts on Reddit highlighting the latest beta updates for the apps, developer u/joaomgcd reveals that they’ve successfully implemented a fix that allows clipboard monitoring to work on Android 10. The fix has been included in Tasker version 5.9.beta.2 and Join version 2.2.beta, and it will allow both the apps to access clipboard data while running in the background. The developer has also published a video highlighting the method using which you’ll be able to turn on clipboard monitoring in Join.

Comments from users suggest that the workaround is working as intended. However, you may still encounter some unforeseen issues while trying to use this feature on your phone. Other than the fix, the latest beta update for Tasker also brings a number of other changes to the app.

Here’s a complete changelog of all that’s new in Tasker v5.9.beta.2:

Source: Reddit (1), (2)

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