Tasker 5.0 and its Material Design UI is now on the Play Store

Tasker 5.0 and its Material Design UI is now on the Play Store

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Tasker is one of the most popular automation apps currently available for Android, and the Tasker 5.0 version update most notably brings a brand-new Material Design user interface along with a plethora of other features.

The Material Design UI was previously available for Tasker users that were part of Crafty Apps EU’s beta program, but with the latest 5.0 version now available on the Google Play Store, all users finally have access to it.

Along with the brand-new look, Tasker 5.0 also adds support for Magisk SU, many new Android O API additions, and 3 Custom Quick Settings Tiles to make accessing your triggers, actions, tasks, and scenes considerably easier. The full change log is accessible from the developer’s webpage here. Be warned, though, that much of it will be incomprehensible if you aren’t intimately familiar with Tasker and its existing feature set (if you have any questions about the update, you can leave a comment and our resident Tasker guru will come around with an answer). The 5.0 update is currently rolling out slowly, so keep checking the Google Play Store over the next few hours to see when it finally hits your device.

Thanks to XDA Member Desmanto for the tip!

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